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    How can I help?

    The areas below are just a quick overview and some relevant thoughts about how I approach each of these areas.  Of course there is overlap so please don’t feel you have to know exactly what is causing problem for your relationship – we will take the time to make a full assessment of needs and strengths and come up with a customized plan that is as unique as your relationship!  Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

    Libido Mismatch / Sexless Marriage

    Chances are that what you think is wrong - is not. Advice like "just do it" is damaging to both people. Chances are neither person is broken or "the problem." Let me help you find a way forward out of obligation, blame, shame and rejection.

    Affair Recovery

    Affair recovery needs to be more than just proving nothing bad is happening anymore. I help couples make real progress towards safety, connection, trust and forgiveness. Proving that the "right things" are being done over a long time is a very long and hard approach - there is a better way to rebuild attachment and emotional trust.

    Relationship Counseling

    Relationship issues are more than just "communication". People leave or stay in relationships based on how it makes them feel. Gridlocked arguments are often due to right-fighting over what is reasonable or logical. I help relationships feel more connecting and fulfilled through love gifts rather than obligated "checking boxes".

    Sex Therapy

    Loss of libido, delayed orgasm, premature ejaculation, painful penetration, erectile issues are often thought of as medical issues - but even after getting pills - these issues often persist. I help address these issues as a couple to recapture sexual satisfaction.

    LGBTQIA+ Relationships

    Competent and affirming therapy for LGBTQIA+ relationships. You need more than a "friendly" therapist - you need a therapist that understands the unique structures and needs that come from loving in the face of systemic discrimination. LGBTQIA+ relationships including non-binary and asexual identities require more than applying cis-het goals and therapy in a friendly way.

    Sex Addiction

    Whether it is out of control compulsive use of pornography, partner neglect or betrayal, or health and safety issues - compulsive sexual behavior is more complicated than labeling it "sex addiction." You need a competent, sex-positive, non-shaming therapist that can help evaluate the behavior, get to core motivations and help develop a risk reduction plan that emphasizes safe and healthy sexual expression.


    Telehealth is available - read here to understand the advantages and disadvantages of telehealth in meeting your relationship goals. While telehealth gives people easy access to therapy - some therapy goals may be better achieved with in person sessions and supported with intermittent telehealth support.

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