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    Rates & Insurance


    Major Insurances accepted. However this is not a guarantee that your insurance will pay for talking about the issues that you want to talk about.  Using insurance requires a diagnosis that is considered to be “medically necessary” and often sex therapy is not covered. Please also be aware that even if a mental health diagnosis is present, if it is not the focus of therapy, it cannot be used.  It is fraud to diagnose depression for example and be treating a relationship disorder.

    Initial appointments: $292.50 Intake (90 minute, individual and together interviews, assessment, goal development). You may schedule a follow up session immediately after the intake according to the fee schedule below.

    Follow up appointments: By reserving a set amount of time, you commit to using it in that session – unused time in a session does not roll over if you decide to end early. I have found that the traditional 45 minute sessions insurance allows typically are not efficient for intensive couples work. I offer longer sessions as outlined below:

    • $120.00 / 45 min session
    • $160.00 / one hour (not covered by insurance)
    • $250.00 / two hours (not covered by insurance)
    • $375.00 / three hours (not covered by insurance)
    • $500.00 / four hours (not covered by insurance)

    All additional services outside of session times (therapeutic support phone calls, letter writing, collaboration with other therapists on your case, etc) are billed at $35/15 min increments.

    What is the benefit of a longer session time?

    The benefits are numerous, but many people prefer a longer session because:

    • There is time to practice skill building in session with active coaching rather than as homework.
    • Often with relationship work it takes time to hear both perspectives that makes a normal 50 minute session very pressured.
    • It is easier to take time off work or get a baby sitter in larger blocks of time.
    • Couples from out of town save on travel costs and still get in person quality care.
    • Quicker progress at a less pressured pace without waiting a week or more to follow up.
    • There is time to address mental health needs and relationship skills.
    • Allows for clients to really feel and express what is happening for them.


    I accept cash and all major credit cards as forms of payment. I require a credit card to be on file for balances due and incidental work.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least two business days beforehand. Otherwise, you will be charged for the full rate of the session.