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    Intentional conversations of love, sex, intimacy and growth

    Sex positive and ASSECT member – J. Kipp Lanning, LIMHP, LPC enjoys working with people to strengthen or repair relationships that are struggling. Examples of typical issues include working with libido mismatched couples, affair or sexual betrayal recovery, sexual dysfunction, communication issues (unproductive or damaging fights), and relationships that have lost that “alive” feeling.

    He pulls on proven therapy models including cognitive behavioral therapy, emotionally focused therapy and others to provide a skills based approach that helps couples in conflict be able to hear each other and set goals collaboratively.  You can expect that skills will be introduce and practiced in session. Homework will be provided to increase proficiency and trust with each other.  Larger therapy issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and childhood attachment issues are assessed and addressed as well.

    About J Kipp Lanning

    I have decades of experience in helping couples become intentional about their relationships by helping partners speak their experiences together in a way that can create connection, intimacy, individualization, growth and hope. Our Spoken Love comes from a belief that relationships can’t go on autopilot. That’s not to say couples have been lazy. Sometimes it comes from working hard on the wrong goals. Sometimes the problem is misleading social myths. Sometimes it is mental health or trauma. At other times it comes from unconscious limiting beliefs about relationships or sex.

    Healthy relationships require messy and sometimes difficult conversations.  While difficult, these conversations can lead to self discovery, connection and renewed passion.  To get the most from these conversations, couples can benefit from an impartial facilitator who through experience and mental health training – as the saying goes – “knows a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two”.

    Relationships are not one size fits all – so we must speak our love’s many feelings, empathy, desires, needs, boundaries and growth. To speak these loving intentions out loud in a safe space that allows for non-judgmental curiosity, forgiveness creates relationship growth and flexibility that will sustain connections as they mature over time.

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