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    Are you considering opening your marriage up? Dating someone who identifies as poly or practices ethical non-monogamy?  Unsure if monogamy is for you?  

    There are many different labels with subjective meanings, but if you’re considering anything that isn’t monogamy, sexually or otherwise, it pays to have guidance from someone who is sex positive and accepting but also competent in this area.  How ENM functions for you is as unique as each person involved.  Being able to talk with someone who has been witness to years of clients having the sometimes difficult conversations around goals, motivations, boundaries and assertiveness in an ENM relationship can be helpful.  

    Starting early in the process can help as well.  Avoiding common mistakes and assumptions can help make ENM pleasurable for everyone without the sometimes painful missteps that lead to having to recover trust and confidence.  

    If you’d like a safe place for you and your partner(s) to navigate ENM and what it looks like for you, reach out today.  Telehealth available.